How to Use this Site strives to develop features tailored to how YOU work!
As such, there are various features allowing you to search in different ways.

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  1. Quick Links. A single click allows you to search the most relevant listings easily and quickly.
  2. Address Search. Type the name of a specific address and click "Go!".
           Be careful, only exact matches are found so less is more.
  3. Mini Map. View an immediate snapshot of the listings with the Mini Map.
            Keep in mind that you cannot click on the markers in the Mini Map, they are static.
  4. Full Map. Hover over markers for address and Zestimate info.
           Click on markers to jump to the listing details.
  5. Details Page. Click on the property Image or Address to go to the Details page.
            View a larger image plus property details including Status, Property, and Case info.
           Click on the "Link to Zillow:" to open a new tab and view Zillow details at
  6. Advanced Search. Search past or future listings using detailed search criteria.
  7. Email Signup. Receive email notifications each time the bid list(s) change.
           Enter your email address and click 'Subscribe' to receive a colorized-list of changes and links to the new bid lists.
           Hassle free: Unsubscribe at any time simply by navigating to the home page and clicking "Unsubscribe".
           Forget which email you used? No worries! The email associated with your account will always appear as the grayed-out
           default value in the email field (after you do sign up).

The below image shows the different search methods with labels.

search labels

Key: Green iconFor SaleBlue iconPostponedRed iconPurchasedPurple iconStayed/Dormant


Green iconFor Sale: The listing is clear to bid on.
Blue iconPostponed: The listing is delayed to a future sale, and cannot be bid on.
Red iconPurchased: The listing has already been purchased and cannot be bid on.
Purple iconStayed/Dormant: The lawsuit is stayed, excluding the listing from the sale; cannot be bid on.
    Stayed listings are permanently excluded from future sale dates until an order of court is filed.